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Student of the Month recognition will be based on monthly character values.

Knight's Character & Values

The Knights Code of Characters & Values

August: A True Knight is Positive

Students shall always be heard speaking favorably, not engage in vulgarity, keeping his or her attitude and conduct above reproach, or encourage and inspire others.


September: A True Knight is Generous

Students shall always offer to help and assist, demonstrate their generosity anonymous and by example, or placing the needs of others above their own.


October: A True Knight is Respectful

Student shall display Tolerance, acceptance of others, good manners, consideration for other's feelings, courteousness, or peaceful resolutions.


November: A True Knight is Wise

Students shall display integrity, honesty, reliability, courage to do the right thing, good reputation, loyalty, sincerity, or dependability.


December: A true Knight is Honorable

Students shall display self-control, responsibility, self-discipline, accountability, or sense of duty.


January: A True Knight is Just

Students shall display fairness, open-mindedness, sharing, impartiality, justice, cooperation, ethical mindset, or honesty.


February: A True Knight is Caring

Students shall display kindness, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, concern for others, or helpful behavior.


March: A True Knight Shows Excellence

Student shall display good citizenship, cooperation, community involvement, follow rules and respect authority.


April: A True Knight Shows Perseverance

Students shall display hard work toward goals, overcome obstacles, do not give up easily, or are resourceful in reaching their goals.


May: A True Knight Shows Empathy

Students shall be understanding and caring about another person's thoughts and feelings, putting yourself in another person's shoes, using emotion to take perspective, or caring about others.