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 BE SAFE - "Be aware of your surroundings."


BE RESPECTFUL - "Have respect for yourself and others."


BE RESPONSIBLE "Always put forth your best efforts"



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Code of Conduct

  Classroom Hallways Restroom Cafeteria Office Blacktop Assembly

Enter class quietly


Follow class rules and procedures


Raise hand to move from seat


Keep personal items clear from aisles 


Listen and follow directions



​Be mindful of roller backpacks


Watch for doors opening


Keep hands, feet and objects to self


Use walkways

Wash hands


Alert an adult if there is a problem


Use facility for its purpose only


Throw trash in trash cans

Report disturbances


Remain seated while eating


Raise hand and wait to be excused

Keep hallways and walkways clear


Always have an office pass


Check in with adult staff

Use equipment appropriately


Follow all staff directions the first time


Stay within boundaries

Enter and leave in single file line


Follow staff directions


Sit in assigned areas


Raise hand and wait to be called


Give praise, help one another


Honor others opinions


Follow the "golden rule"


Listen politely to others

Throw trash in cans


Use a quiet voice


Greet staff and students

Clean up after yourself


Maintain privacy for self and others


Keep a graffiti free environment 


Ask for permission and have a pass

Wait your turn in line


Use polite manners: say please and thank you


Use appropriate language


Throw trash in trash cans

Use appropriate language


Speak quietly during announcements


Be patient and wait to be helped


Free office staff politely

Keep hands to self


Return checked out equipment


Address staff with respect


Use appropriate and polite language


Throw trash in cans

Sit facing forward


Keep hands, feet and mouth quiet


Listen attentively and politely


Make eye contact with speakers


Be on task 100% of the time


Be an active member in cooperative groups


Participate in class discussions


Be prepared with needed materials

Pass quietly


Walk quickly to next class, be on time


Be mindful of other classes in sessions


Get to class on time

Limit usage during class time


Use during passing periods, lunch, before and after school


Return to class quickly to avoid missing instruction

Take pride in keeping cafeteria clean


Clean up after yourself


Enjoy your lunch by eating and socializing politely with others

Use time effectively and efficiently


Turn in absentee notes on time


Complete task and return quickly to class


Report to nurses office alone and sign in

Have good sportsmanship


Follow rules of the game


Be responsible with personal belongings


Play cooperatively and fairly

Applaud and cheer during appropriate times


Be prepared to participate


Remain seated until dismissal by staff