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Online Grading System


Contact your child's teacher to set obtain student access codes so that you can add your child's classes to engrade.

Grading Policy

School Wide Grading Policy

Homework: 15%

Class Work/Participation: 15%

Projects: 30%

Test/Quizzes: 40%

Homework Guidelines for Parents & Students

  1. PROVIDE A STUDY AREA: Good lighting, proper seating at a table or a desk, adequate materials, sufficient space. Turn off the television, CD's and radio.
  2. PROVIDE A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD: Same time period daily. Establish rules, such as "Complete homework first." Prevent students from using the telephone or watching TV until homework is completed neatly and accurately.
  3. THINK POSITIVELY: Encourage your student to understand the value of homework. Any accomplishment requires work, practice and perseverance. Give as much assistance as possible, but remember that homework is your child's responsibility.
  4. SUPERVISE HOMEWORK: Make sure your student has enough time, understands directions, and works carefully.
  5. HELP THE HOMEWORK HABIT: If your student doesn't bring homework home, determine whether he/she is forgetting it, or failing to bring it home. Contact the teacher when in doubt.

Grade Point Average

3.49-3.00 - Achievement

3.50-3.99 - Honor Roll

4.00 - Principal's Honor Roll

Semester Schedule

1st Semester

September 22

November 3

December 22

2nd Semester

February 16

March 30

May 24

Student Handbook

For additional information on the grading policy, please refer to the student's handbook.

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