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7:30 AM-2:35 PM

Later times available by appointment. 

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How To See Your Counselor


Need to see your counselor?

 Mrs. Ayala is here to help! 

Students may see their counselor before school, during lunch, or after school. You may also see her with your teacher's permission. You must first inform your teacher that you need to see your counselor.  If you miss Mrs. Ayala  or she is out of the office, please leave her a note in the front office and she will call you in. 


Parents please call to make an appointment. 



Think Higher! Be College Bound!

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Diana Ayala

Welcome to the Newton Knight Counseling Corner 2018-2019

My name is Mrs. Ayala and I am happy to be Newton Middle School's Counselor!  I am honored and proud to be a Newton Knight for the last 4 years!  I am committed to serving all my students, parents, and staff members. I have an open door policy to best serve students. Parents are always welcome to schedule an appointment or may reach me at (626)933-2406  or by email at  I look forward to meeting all of my students and their families and helping them meet their academic, social personal, and future college and career readiness goals. I am here to serve! 

I am able to assist students in various ways to best empower them academically and socially.  I am here to assist with social personal, academics, and college and career concerns. As a  school counselor I am able to assist students with the following:

Social/ Personal:

  • Self Esteem
  • Grief and Loss
  • Suicide Prevention 
  • Bullying
  • Conflict Mediation/ Resolution
  • Stress, Fear, and Anxiety
  • Social Skills and Peer Relationships
  • Healthy Communication Skills
  • Anger management
  • Individual and Group Counseling- Various Topics Based on Need (Lunch & after school groups)

Academics and Attendance:

  • Study Skills (Individual and Groups) - Organization, Test Preparation and Anxiety, and Other Studying Tips
  • Test Preparation
  • Academic  and Attendance Monitoring and Mentoring
  • Goal Setting 
  • Academic Advising 
  • High School Preparation and Information 
  • College and Career Readiness Information and Support
  • Elementary Transition Support and Exiting Middle School Support 
  • Attendance, SART, and SARB support
  • School Success Assemblies- Academic, Positive Behaviors, and Social-Emotional guidance lessons. 

College and Career Readiness:

  • College and Career Curriculum - California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI)
  • College and Career Exploration
  • Inventories and Assessments to best prepare for college and careers
  • Learning styles inventories
  • College and Career Advising/Counseling 
  • Scholarship information 
  • Parent and student workshops



  • Help create a positive, healthy,  and anti-tobacco campus/student body
  • Collaborate with students to create a health education/tobacco free "TUPE" PSA
  • Tobacco prevention education through social studies or science classes for 7th graders. 



  • Train and equip 7th and 8th grade students (WEB Crew Leaders) to be leaders and mentors to incoming 6th graders and new students
  • Create WEB activities and events to allow Leaders and Little Knights to collaborate and build mentoring relationships. 
  • Help create unity and collaboration among the student body
  • Help students connect with our school, student body, and staff 
  • Improve grades and  create positive behavior


8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Participate Requirements:

Promotion is a very important event in a student’s life.  It signifies that a student is prepared to move onto high school. 
In order to participate in the promotion ceremony a student must meet:
-Citizenship grade must be in good standing with the MERIT System-(grade of D or above).
Must meet all of the following categories:
-Language Arts grade of a ‘D’ or better or pass the ELA exit exam with a 60% or better. 
-Math grade of a ‘D’ or better or pass the Math exit exam with a 60% or better 
-No more than one F in any other courses
Criteria to participate in the 8th-grade activities:
- No F's in any subject 
- No more than 2 D's
- Behavior must be a C- or better
If you have any questions regarding promotion please feel free to call, email, and or set up an appointment to meet.  I schedule academic profile meetings with parents of students at risk throughout the year. Our priority is that all students participate in the promotion ceremony. 

It is recommended that students attend our after-school tutoring program to receive academic support. 
It is also highly recommended that parents have on-going communication with our teachers and attend parent conferences and other parent informational meetings. 
Parents and students are also to check their AERIES parent or student portal daily to review grades, missing work, and attendance. If you do not have an account please set one today. If you need help setting up an account please do not hesitate to contact me for help. If parents or students have questions about grades, assignments, projects, homework please contact teachers directly via email and or by calling the front office and leaving a message.  
Students and parents should also check Google Classroom to review what is for homework each day. This year all teachers are inputting the daily/weekly homework unto Google Classroom. 
All students get a FREE agenda to write down their homework for the day/week.  It is a vital tool for students to learn organization, time management, and to help them memorize what they have for homework and or other activities. Parents should check students' agendas daily  and check their homework for completion. 





Counselor's Notes: College, Career, and Academic Resources and Information


Mrs. Ayala- Proud to be a Knight!

Who is Mrs. Ayala? 


Hi! This is my 4th year as a middle school counselor at Newton Middle School. I have been a counselor for 6 years.  I am delighted to be a part of such an amazing school. I have worked as a  high school and middle school counselor in Orange County and West Covina Unified School District. 


Before I became a school counselor, I was a health education program coordinator and counselor fighting against tobacco use and a wrap around care coordinator helping adolescents at risk and their families. My passion has always been to serve students in need and therefore, I followed my goal to become a professional school counselor. I love my profession and enjoy working with students. 



-B.S. in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health from Cal. State University, Fullerton

-M.S. in Educational Counseling and PPS (Pupil Personnel Services Credential) from Azusa Pacific University

-Certificate in Clinical Counseling from Azusa Pacific University.


 I love spending time with my husband, family, friends, and cats Ralphy and Lily Rose.

I enjoy hiking, traveling, and sightseeing.


 I look forward to meeting all of my amazing students and their families! 

News and Announcements
  • School starts August 2019 at 7:50 a.m.  Be on time! 
  • Thursdays are early dismissal days. Classes end at 1:17 p.m.
  • Every other month Spanish meetings with the Counselor will be scheduled soon.
  • WEB Crew leadership meetings and new student activities and events to be announced.  
Helpful Links and Resources

Hacienda Heights Public Library (Tutoring)


Learn more about Cal State Universities


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Studying Effectively

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring is available Monday -Thursday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Media Center.